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Culture, education and training2019-10-14

Municipal Education Board: 086(23)63855358

Tongda Driving School: 086(23) 49831118

Ai Bei Kang Veterinary Clinic2019-10-14

Ai Bei Kang Veterinary Clinic provides a one-stop service for small pets - including vaccinations, healthcare and grooming – and also has pets and various pet products for sale.

Yubei district2019-10-14

Yubei district in Chongqing, was previously called Jiangbei county, and borders Jiangbei District in the south and Huaying of Sichuan Province in the north.

Jiangbei district2019-10-14

Jiangbei district, one of the nine main urban areas in Chongqing, is located in the north bank of the Yangtze River and Jialing River, and the rivers border the city for about 30 kilometers.

Government Offices2019-10-14

The Mayor's Public Telephone: 086(23)12345

Environmental Protection Bureau: 086(23)12369

Chongqing Peace Hospital2019-10-14

Chongqing Peace Hospital – also known as 324 Hospital - is attached to Chongqing Military Region and is a large first-class general hospital that combines healthcare services, medical education and scientific research.

Main Hotlines2019-10-14

Local Directory Assistance: 114

Fire Emergency: 119

Explore nature and culinary delights along the Chongqing-Wanzhou railway2019-10-14

China’s Three Gorges reservoir heard the rumble of a high-speed train streaming across the landscape for the first time at 7:06 am on Nov 28.

Health, epidemic prevention and veterinary services2019-10-14

Health, epidemic prevention and veterinary services. Municipal Health Bureau: 086(23) 67706509 People’s Hospital: 086(23) 5514217

Enjoy a taste of Yangtze life2018-05-30

Originally the common repast of poor boatmen along the Yangtze River, spicy Chongqing hotpot has since become the fare of foodies across China, with many restaurants including their own interpretation of the dish on their menus.

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