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Four tips for a healthy hot pot


As a "hot pot paradise" in China, the municipality of Chongqing in Southwest China is said to boast the largest number of hot pot lovers, with locals apparently sitting round the bubbling pot across the four seasons. Yummy as it is, it would be undesirable to have it every day. So how do we maintain our little habit by having it healthily? Here are four tips you can follow:

Try a lighter chafing dish base

When mixed with hot water, a chafing dish base gives food materials a basic flavor.

The "spicy base" is usually irresistible to most foodies in that it stimulates our appetite and makes us feel hungrier. However, if you are prone to stomachaches you might prefer lighter tastes, such as a soup base and tomato base. It might not be as tempting as the spicy dish, but it should manage to preserve the original taste of all the food ingredients.

Create a personalized dipping source.

Although the dipping source depends on what style of the hot pot we have, the most common ingredients include sesame paste, soy sauce, vinegar, chopped-up chives and mashed garlic.

Weight losers are not advised to take excessive sesame paste, which not unexpectedly contains high calories. Foodies with higher blood pressure might reduce their intake of soy sauce or gourmet powder.

Be cautious about food ingredients

Apart from the preferred taste that may vary from person to person, the choice of ingredients should fit in with our bodies as much as possible.

Meat, especially streaky pork, brings more fat to our meals. People allergic to seafood had better avoid shrimps and shellfish. Beef, fish and animal livers are high-purine food, but fresh vegetables are almost acceptable to everyone.

Choose tender beverages

Don't accompany your hot pot with alcohol, icy drinks or soft drinks with strong tastes.

Barley tea or boiled water is considered more suitable to our stomachs in this case.


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