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Showtime for modern Chongqing2014-01-24

China’s economic focus is shifting from east to west, Wang Hao, Tan Yingzi and Wei Tian report from Chongqing.

More cooperation
on railway sought

Chinese and European senior
offi cials urged further cooperation through the Sino-Euro railway
on Wednesday.

Increased cooperation brings mutual benefits2014-01-24

Joint investment between China and Europe opens up markets.

Creating the modern face of urbanization2014-01-24

Sitting on the south bank of the Jialingjiang River, the ancient buildings of Hongyadong — famous for its resemblance to the bathhouse in the Oscar-winning animation Spirited Away — are a mustsee landmark in Chongqing.

Chongqing looking to the skies2014-01-24

ndustry drove Chongqing’s economic growth, making the municipality the largest center for motorcycle production in China.

Chongqing: Starting the rise of the west2014-01-24

Th e image Chongqing displays is the message the city wants to deliver to the world — that it can become one of the growth engines of the globe’s second-largest economy during the next few decades.

New business link forged from historic bond in Chongqing2014-01-07

In September 2011, the two governments signed an agreement to launch the Sino-Korean Industrial Park in Chongqing Liangjiang (Two Rivers) New Area

Showtime for modern Chongqing2014-01-07

Chongqing simply reinforces that impression: Skyscrapers and bridges suggest no less prosperity than in the Big Apple.

Villagers become city slickers2014-01-07

"When I leave the apartment, I will always remember to turn off the gas," said Xu Chaohui in a serious voice.

Increased cooperation brings mutual benefits2014-01-07

Stoyan Atsarov from Bulgaria was delighted after signing a cooperation agreement with a business partner in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, where his company plans to build its first factory in China. The Bulgarian company will produce rose-oil candy for Chinese costumers.


UK trade commissioner for China praised Chongqing as a burgeoning center in intelligent manufacturing.


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