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Consulate General staffs visit Liangjiang2014-12-12

Consulate General staffs visited Liangjiang.

CFLAC volunteer team visits Liangjiang2014-12-12

CFLAC volunteer team visited Liangjiang.

CFLAC volunteers perform in Liangjiang2014-12-12

CFLAC volunteers performed in Liangjiang.

Ling Yueming visits training course students2014-12-11

Ling Yueming visited training course students in Shanghai.

Liangjiang hosts young entrepreneur networking event2014-12-11

Liangjiang hosted a young entrepreneur networking event.

World Chinese Economic Forum attendees visit Liangjiang2014-12-10

World Chinese Economic Forum attendees visited Liangjiang.

Liangjiang hosts Chinese calligraphy workshop2014-12-10

Liangjiang hosted a Chinese calligraphy workshop.

All-in-one proves appealing2014-12-09

Tianfu New Area in Sichuan province, China's newest national-level development area, is leading the way as the city pursues a development path that puts people at the heart of a modern metropolis.

Bookstore offers 24-hour service to readers in Chongqing2014-12-08

Readers select books at the Daping Bookstore in Chongqing municipality, southwest China, Dec 4, 2014.

Liangjiang officials attend training classes in Shanghai2014-12-08

Liangjiang officials attended training classes in Shanghai.


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