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Writer starts 'Books on the Chongqing Light Rail'

Writer starts 'Books on the Chongqing Light Rail'2016-11-15

A bookseller in Chongqing municipality has been leaving novels on trains and at stations to inspire more commuters to read, after seeing British actress Emma Watson take part in a similar project in London.

First snow in SW Chongqing comes earlier than ever2016-11-14

As sure as the sun coming up in the morning, Chinese winter means snow in the north and rain in the south.

Chinese doctors use 3D printer for skull surgery2016-11-08

Doctors in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality have successfully replaced a section of a female cancer patient's forehead with a 3D-printed part.

'Sponge City' project averts flood in Liangjiang New Area2016-11-04

Rain water is one of the world’s most wasted natural resources. Not only has rainfall been wasted the South China municipality of Chongqing, it has also been the trigger of series of catastrophic floods in recent years.

Chongqing bridge integrates Chinese and Western architecture

Chongqing bridge integrates Chinese and Western architecture2016-11-04

A bridge in Chongqing has become an Internet sensation due to its bizarre architectural style. The 400-meter bridge is crammed with both traditional Chinese elements and Western-style features.

Liangjiang ushers in cloud computing era2016-11-03

Inspur (Chongqing) Cloud Computing Center was officially unveiled to the public at a ceremony at Wudu Hotel in Chongqing on Nov 2.

Vilner breathes creative life into Liangjiang rides2016-11-02

Everyone keen on masterful car customization should keep an eye on Vilner Studio, a Bulgarian-based luxury tuning company, which is building a 1,500-square-meter Vilner Car Art Culture Museum in Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing.

Property service skills put to the test in Liangjiang2016-11-01

Over 1,000 staff members from 30 property service companies went head-to-head at a property service skill competition held by Liangjiang New Area government on Oct 29.

China's first 'Internet university' debuts in Liangjiang2016-11-01

Thousands of IT talents and computer nerds descended on Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area today to enroll at what has been dubbed China’s first Internet university.

Chongqing, US to cooperate in medical sector2016-10-28

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews and 11 representatives from US health companies arrived in Chongqing on Oct 19 to attend the US-China Advanced Medical Technology Symposium.

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John Edwards: Chongqing transforming into smart manufacturing center

John Edwards, the UK trade commissioner for China, praised Chongqing over its rise as a burgeoning center in intelligent manufacturing.

2021 Smart China Expo China data: 7th population census

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