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Liangjiang improves access to govt services2017-04-07

Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing Municipality has recently opened service windows to provide one-stop administrative examination and approval services.

Liangjiang sees opportunities from Chongqing FTZ2017-04-06

The Chongqing Pilot Free Trade Zone, as one of China’s seven newly-approved free trade zones, was officially launched on April 1, bringing Chongqing 60 key projects with total investment of 80.2 billion yuan ($11.6 billion).

Chongqing fuels opening up through new port zone2017-04-06

A key pivot in China’s Go-West campaign, the national effort to develop vast western regions, Chongqing Pilot Free Trade Zone launched on April 1 in Chongqing Municipality.

Liangjiang New Area: indispensable for Chongqing FTZ2017-04-05

The Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and the newly founded Chongqing Free Trade Zone (FTZ) are expected to greatly benefit one another’s development.

Liangjiang marks autism awareness day2017-04-05

Children with abilities ranged on the autistic spectrum were given free medical checkups in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing on April 2.

March in Liangjiang New Area2017-04-01

March in Liangjiang New Area.

Chongqing displays world’s most expensive Chinese porcelain2017-04-01

An 8.2-centimeter-tall porcelain cup dating from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) has begun exhibiting at Chongqing’s Long Museum in Jiangbeizui CBD.

Big data takes aim at public safety2017-03-31

Liangjiang New Area hosted the 2017 Asia Big Data Visualization and Analysis Summit on March 29, looking into ways big data can be used to improve public safety and security.

Industrial Development in Liangjiang New Area: Lianglu-Cuntan Tariff Bonded Area2017-03-31

Lianglu-Cuntan boasts an international port near the city, covering an area of 400,000 square kilometers in Liangjiang New Area.

New flight links Chongqing, Cebu2017-03-29

A direct air route between Chongqing in Southwest China, and Cebu, the Philippines, has been launched.


Chongqing lies at the convergence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers.


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