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Chinese cities building rail links to Europe2014-05-19

As China builds a new Silk Road economic belt, more than a half-dozen cities are competing for goods and investment from multinationals to boost rail operations to Europe.

China's largest inland hub to be completed in 20152014-05-12

Chongqing Guoyuan Port, China's largest inland hub, is to be completed in 2015.

Premier Li Keqiang inspects Chongqing Guoyuan Port and Chongqing Light Rail Line 62014-05-12

Premier Li Keqiang visited Chongqing Guoyuan Port and inspected the development of Guoyuan Port in the Liangjiang New Area on April 28.

Enstrom assembly workshop established in Chongqing general aviation industrial park2014-05-12

Chongqing's general aviation industry has completed an important step.

Outlets plaza to start construction in LNA2014-04-01

Chongqing's West Outlets plaza will be built in Longxing Industrial Park of Liangjiang New Area (LNA) in 2014.

Intl railway promises to revive Silk Road2014-03-29

Legend has it that Chinese emperor Han Wu Di (156-87 BC) once looked to the lands west of his vast empire and proclaimed them full of people who placed "great value on the rich produce of China".

Chongqing to build Russian Town in Liangjiang New Area2014-03-10

Chongqing is set to launch a Russian Town construction project in Liangjiang New Area.

The Republic of Tatarstan to cooperate with Liangjiang New Area to produce small planes2014-03-10

The Republic of Tatarstan plans to cooperate with Russian Aviation and Liangjiang New Area to research and develop helicopters and other small planes

Ford says December China auto sales up 35% YOY2014-01-16

Ford Motor Co and its local partners in China sold a total of 94,838 vehicles on a wholesale basis in December, an increase of 35 percent year-on-year.

Luxury postnatal care center in SW China2014-01-14

A four-story villa in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality was rebuilt as a luxury postnatal care center, with four suites for women to recover after giving birth. Amenities include heated toilets and Jacuzzis, and it costs up to 100,000 yuan ($16,550) for a one-month stay.


UK trade commissioner for China praised Chongqing as a burgeoning center in intelligent manufacturing.


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