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Chongqing Aureavia Hi-tech Glass Co


Chongqing Aureavia Hi-tech Glass Co, a glass manufacturer based in Shuitu New City, Liangjiang New Area, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, has received much attention with the launch of Huawei's Mate50 series phones, which used Kunlun glass that was independently developed and manufactured by the firm.

The glass prevents the phone from cracking if dropped from a height of up to 4.2 meters. According to Jiang Hong, director of the firm's key laboratories, the outstanding performance of Kunlun glass comes down to the 10,000 trillion crystals installed in it.

The glass has received the world's first five-star glass drop resistance certificate issued by SGS, one of the country's leading providers of inspection, testing, verification and certification services, and is considered the world's most drop-resistant electronic glass.

Before Kunlun glass, developed countries possessed the core cover lens manufacturing technologies and the largest market share, despite the fact that about 90 percent of cover lenses are produced in China.

The glass produced by Xinjing is applied not only in phones, but also in aviation, railways and new energy vehicles.

"We spend more than 100 million yuan ($13.89 million) on glass R&D every year, and if we count other related investments, our total expenditure reached 1.9 billion yuan over the past eight years," said Bai Yibo, founder of the company.

Spurred on by the nation's innovation-driven development strategy, Chongqing Aureavia Hi-tech Glass Co has received subsidies and low-interest loans totaling 738 million yuan from the Chongqing and Liangjiang governments, banks and bonding corporations.

"The country's support is essential for entrepreneurs in building up their confidence," said Bai. Nowadays the firm has recruited a number of excellent personnel from throughout China, and has over 200 authorized patents, 80 percent of which are invention patents.


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