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Helplines: Industrial Investment: +86(23)67573885

Trade Investment: +86(23)67573885

City Investment: +86(23)63368197

Financial Investment: +86(23)67573942

Innovation Investment: +86(23)67573736

Telephone of inviting outside investment

+86(23)67573888, +86(23)67573997

Government hotlines:

Discipline Committee: +86(23)67573778 Office: +86(23)67573333

Organization Department: +86(23)67573732

Bureau of Development Strategy: +86(23)67573840

The Bureau of Economic Operations: +86(23)67573822

Bureau of Construction Management: +86(23)67573801

Financial Bureau: +86(23)67573858

Legislative Affairs Bureau: +86(23)67573839

Department of Industrial Development: +86(23)67573885

Department of Innovative Development: +86(23)67573736

Department of Trade Development: +86(23)67573996

Department of Urban Development: +86(23)67573918

Department of Financial Development: +86(23)67573942

Government Affairs Center: +86(23)67573921

Planning Department: +86(23)67573852

Municipal Bureau of Housing, Land and Resources Administration (Liangjiang Branch): +86(23)67573724

Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection (Liangjiang Branch): +86(23)67573741

National Taxation Bureau (Liangjiang Branch): +86(23)67573713

Local Taxation Bureau (Liangjiang New District): +86(23)67573710

City Bureau of Industry and Commerce (Liangjiang Branch): +86(23)67573637

Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (Liangjiang Branch): +86(23)67573675

Service Center: +86(23)67573929

Assessment of Financial Investment Center (Liangjiang New District): +86(23)67573855


John Edwards: Chongqing transforming into smart manufacturing center

John Edwards, the UK trade commissioner for China, praised Chongqing over its rise as a burgeoning center in intelligent manufacturing.

2021 Smart China Expo China data: 7th population census

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