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Scores of activities shake up excitement on Children's Day



Children, parents, and grandparents are invited to participate in the International Children's Day celebration in Liangjiang. [Photo/]

June 1 marked International Children's Day, and two kindergartens in Liangjiang New Area, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, planned a series of seaside activities for children to have fun during their festival.

"We firmly believe in the importance of engaging children and valuing their perspectives," affirmed Zheng Qian, the dedicated head of a local kindergarten. "In order to provide a platform for children to voice their needs and desires, we have established a specialized children's commission. This commission ensures that every class is represented, allowing their chosen representatives to eloquently express the collective thoughts and wishes of their peers during the annual meeting. Our unwavering commitment to soliciting opinions from children is rooted in our deep respect for their insights and perspectives. By actively involving them in decision-making processes, we aim to nurture their independence and foster a sense of individual awareness and consciousness."


Children have a good time at the International Children's Day celebration in Liangjiang. [Photo/]

Although there is no sea in Chongqing, the kindergarten has created a vast artificial pool to fulfill children's wishes. And there were delicacies, beverages, and fruit around the pool, as well as dolls played by volunteers.


 Grandparents of children are invited to join the celebration. [Photo/]

In addition to children and their parents, the kindergartens also invited children's grandparents to celebrate the festival. "We lived a hard life while we were young and could not celebrate the festival. I am excited to make up for the past at this age," said one of the elderly invited.

The activities will last a month, and children will be arranged to the Longtan Lake Park every day to deliver unique programs for residents.


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