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22 intl projects compete in innovation, entrepreneurship competition


The SinoSwiss Technopark (SSTP) International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition staged the finale roadshow on Sept 3 in Liangjiang New Area. Twenty-two projects stood out from 350 tech projects signed up for the competition this year and competed in the final round.


The final round of the SinoSwiss Technopark (SSTP) International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Liangjiang New Area, on Sept 3. [Photo provided to]

Myoswiss from Switzerland demonstrated its wearable exomuscle. The product was designed for people with leg weakness, mainly from strokes and spinal injuries. According to the presenter, the product can help users with physical movements such as standing and walking by supporting and strengthening muscles.

The product has entered the European market. Myoswiss intends to launch a more cost-effective and lighter version of the product for private users to train their muscles. The product will help users with basic movements such as sitting, standing, and squatting, as well as advanced movements such as climbing.

EuroTube Foundation, another team from Switzerland, brought its high-speed transport technology. According to the presenter, with the vacuum tube developed by the team, a train can speed up to 900 kilometers per hour. In the meantime, energy costs and noise will be cut as the air resistance is highly decreased when the train runs in the vacuum tube.

So far, the team has been joined by Swiss Federal Railways and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Two test tracks have been established, including a 120-meter-long track in Zurich and a 3-kilometer-long track in Valais.

Teams from the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, and Malaysia also participated in the finale. Projects covered a wide range of sectors, such as clean energy, e-commerce, and new materials.

As one of the events of the Smart China Expo, the SinoSwiss Technopark (SSTP) International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has attracted over 600 projects and enterprises worldwide over the past six years.


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