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A slew of celebratory events to unfold during holiday



The large-scale live performance Chongqing Chongqing. [Photo/]

During this year's National Day holiday, the sixth Golden Autumn Cultural Tourism Festival will be held in Liangjiang International Movie City in Liangjiang New Area. The large-scale live performance Chongqing Chongqing will officially debut on Sept 29.


The large-scale live performance Chongqing Chongqing. [Photo/]

The performance showcases the historical changes Chongqing has undergone over the past century and is the first live show to recreate the Bombing of Chongqing. It integrates Chongqing's historical and cultural elements, regional characteristics, and modern elements, presenting the charm of Chongqing with a large-scale water curtain system and stunning lighting effects.

The ticketing system for the performance is now open both online and at physical locations. The show will be held at 8 pm every evening. For ticket details, please follow the official WeChat or Douyin account of Liangjiang International Movie City.


The large-scale live performance Chongqing Chongqing. [Photo/]

During the holiday, Liangjiang is also holding a variety of intriguing events, including a parade, traditional Chongqing folk shows, street performances, and film and television character shows. 


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